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About us

X Solutions to digitalize your business – By Digixvalley

Starting out as a small company focused on the development of portable applications, DigixValley has come a long way. As time went on, it expanded its services to include Android and half-breed application improvement, building on its initial strengths in developing excellent iOS applications. Right now, everything is set up as a professional company for developing mobile applications.

Our Vision

Become the leading provider of cutting-edge technological solutions and a premier workplace, all while assuring outstanding client satisfaction.

Our Mission

Delivering highly optimised technological solutions ensures the success of our clients and partners, all the while enhancing the standard of living for our employees and community.

“At DigixValley, we take pleasure in three key areas: first-rate software engineers, a devoted management team committed to the success of your company, and a comprehensive knowledge and wealth of experience in the software development process.”

Business Team of Digixvalley

Recruit a self-driven team of developers with the necessary skills within a reasonable timeframe!
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The Difference is in the approach

Project Management Methodologies

The effective implementation of project management techniques offers more structure and adherence to technology solutions.

Optimal Transperancy


Methodical Communication

Reflection &

Software Developmet Methodologies

With our considerable experience and competence in the field of software development, revamp your technology needs.



Technology Leadership

Scalability & Flexibility

IT Outsourcing Business Models

With our help, you can increase the efficiency of your company and increase your sales margins.


Dedicated Resources

Hourly/Time & Material


Key Technologies We Use

Java  |  .NET  JavaScript / Web and Node.JS  |  Python  |  Ruby  |  Go  PHP/WordPress

HTML5  |  CSS3  JavaScript  |  React  |  Angular  |  Rest  GraphQL

Native Apps  |  Xamarin  WebView  |  Kotlin  |  Flutter  |  Mobile server-side 

Microsoft Azure |  AWS  Jenkins  |  Chef  |  Maven  |  Docker 

Microsoft Excel |  Tableau Power BI  |  Artificial Intelligence  |  Machine Learning