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Embrace the maximum capacity of computerized speed increase in medical care

Center around assisting individuals with living longer, more securely, and better while we transform your thoughts into reality with innovation.

Empower computerized speed increase in medical care and adjust to a quick moving climate

The arrangement, create and send advanced manage serious results with respect to retail that meets and beat your clients’ speculations. 

From authoritative administration and cost decrease to patient determination and treatment, innovation-supported arrangements can help each part of medical services. As per McKinsey, the significant three barriers to advanced change in the drug and clinical innovation industry are organizational culture and attitude, hierarchical construction, and administration. Starting around 2008, Digixvalley has chipped away at the north of 40 medical services tasks, and we’re completely prepared to deal with yours. 

Identify valuable open doors for advanced speed increase in medical care

Upgrade existing regulatory cycles to further develop productivity and diminish costs. Draw in patients and present new strategies for diagnosing and treating patients without them leaving their homes. 


Use innovation to give precise finding and treatment without the requirement for patients to visit emergency clinic offices and subsequently face a gamble of contamination.

Patient engagement

Gather and use information to increment patient commitment and adherence, and further develop wellbeing results as their insight, capacity, and eagerness to be dealt with increment.

Machine learning

Smooth out managerial cycles in medical clinics and handle patient records and therapy with man-made intelligence based arrangements.


Construct an organization between Web associated actual gadgets to screen emergency clinic gear and stay away from misfortunes.


Support your client in the dynamic cycle and permit them to check the item fit with virtual resources so they can perceive how it would thoroughly search, in actuality.

Virtual doctors

Offer patients fast responses to their inquiries while streamlining medical services authoritative expenses simultaneously.

Minimum Viable Product

Save assets by technology for a fast and deft approval of a business thought.

Secure mobile apps

Influence cell phones to draw in patients and give them all the fundamental assistance in a protected far off climate.

Luke Daina

Former CEO at Nodus Medical

A year prior, we didn't have a line of code, and presently we have an entire working item utilized during genuine methods. Nodus Clinical isn't simply a hypothetical thought any longer - a genuine item we're dealing with at the present moment. 

Digitally transformed tools that save lives at a large scale

The arrangement, create and send advanced management serious results with respect to retail that meets and beats your clients’ speculations. 

Having as a main priority the mission to make the world a superior spot, Digixvalley has been furnishing the medical services industry with different innovation upheld arrangements. From Application Store’s best prosperity versatile application to a complex carefully computerized right hand, we’ve been creating MedTech and HealthTech innovations for over the long term. 

Simplifying the work of surgical teams with a digital assistant

Nodus Clinical includes a bunch of computerized devices for specialists, helping them previously, during, and after each method to make their work a piece less unpleasant and much more productive.

Our group upheld the client, beginning with an Item Configuration Run, and giving UX and UI Configuration administrations for web and versatile collaborator parts. We additionally dealt with the effective movement of Nodus Clinical to the AWS cloud. 

We’ve been providing healthcare technology since 2008

Digixvalley has been helping medical care new companies and ventures create and test their progressive computerized devices for over 12 years now. Our group has conveyed state-of-the-art arrangements that reclassified social considerations.